Saturday, February 27, 2010

More cards...

Baby card for Atty!

Birthday card for Vera. Working on a few more of these. I had taught a class making this card and have left over pieces, so thought I would get them together so I had extra cards.

B-day card for DH! I used the oval faux stamp I got.

Card for Shawn. Used the neat snowman stamp I got last spring! It's by Stampendous and you can make the snowman all different shapes! It's really neat!


These LO's are all very simple, but I am trying to get caught up so that I don't get too far behind and then I can start putting more thought into the LO's.

DS beginning to crawl!

Love playing in the mud!....

and dirt!!

At our business Christmas '08 party....Grandpa bought him a John Deere 4-wheeler for being a good worker! hehe He loveed it! For DS's album.

For my and DH's album.

1st Haircut!!

Summer 2009 - DS's album

Summer 2009 - My and DH's album

Our little puppy!!! For awhile he'd always take his socks off and crawl around the house with them in his mouth!! DH and I thought we lost our son and got a dog all of a sudden!!

Thank-You Cards

My husband's Grandma passed away last week and I offered to make the thank-you cards.

My favorite one!! I made 8 of these total!

These were the last few I made.

Just put the "Thank-You" inside as it made them a little quicker to make. Made 13 of these.

Made 7 of these. Very plain, yet I think very pretty.

These were just a few quick ones as they want some to very easy and plain to make. The top two I made a total of 8 of those.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Anniversary Cards, Thinking of You, Sympathy & More Valentine's Day Cards

I was having fun yesterday making cards in between naps and times DS was playing on his own.

All new stamps I got at Hobby Lobby the other day. The background stamp is called "Scribble Heart Background" and the heart stamped masked areoung Be My Valentine is called "Scribble Heart" both from Stanpabilities.
Made two of these.

Just a little different.

A valentine for DS to give his aunt!

A valentine for DD to give to her aunt!

A friend of mine just had a huge surgery so I thought it would be nice to send her a thinking of you card,

A sympathy card for the neghibor who just lost her mother.

Anniversary card for DH, using the new faux stamps I got! The are so cool!!

Anniversary card for my best friend!