Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Big Surprise"

Another wonderful free digital stamp from Faith at Designed 2 Delight called "Big Surprise"!
My card:
Look at all the shimmer!! I just love using the CI Paints to add shimmer to my projects!!

Family is Life's Greatest Blessing

Another fun challenge this week with Creative Inspirations Paints! We were to go 3D! Something I have to admit, I never did before. But I really enjoy doing this challenge. I have had this shadow box picture frame sitting around in my room for the longest time and I have always been meaning to do something with it. Well now was my chance.
I do not have a picture in it yet, as I am waiting to give this frame to my mom for Christmas with our family picture in it.
I used CI paints "Garnet" and "Fairy Dust" to cover the flowers, using a water pen.

I printed the "Family" from my Cricut using the Storybook font cart. I then used SU stamp set "Priceless" to add the swirls. I used CI Paint "Garnet"to cover the stamp and add some shimmer! Sometimes I have learned that stamping with the paints you may sometimes not get an even coat when you stamp it, but have learned it is very easy to touch up by using a toothpick! In the detailed picture below, the small circles weren't very dark, so I used a toothpick to make to add some more paint and make them stand out!

Now I am hoping to get some time this weekend to see what cool things I can do using toothpicks with the paints! I just love what you can do with these paints! They are so easy to work with! I really also like that they dry fairly fast so if you're on a roll you can keep working and not have to wait a long time for them to dry!

Finished product! I think my mom will really like it. I tried making something fairly elegant and think I accomplished my goal!!

Check the blog out to see all the other wonderful creations from the design team!!

Have a wonderful day!! The weather here has been amazing!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"May Flowers"

First off, I am sorry I haven't had much of a chance to post things lately. I've been working on 90 graduation invites for my cousin and 35 for my borther-in-law! Plus school is winding down so I've have a lot of projects to due! Work is crazy busy! And at the end of the day I just want to cuddle and play with the little ones! Hoping once school is over next week and get the invites done this weekend, I'll have a little more time to make LO's and cards!

Another great free stamp from Faith at Designed 2 Delight called "May Flowers". I had a fun time using this stamp and using my CI paints to add some beautiful shimmer!! You need to check these paints out if you haven't already!!

I used a sponge dauber from Tsukineko and dipped it in the cover of the CI paint Fairy Dust and then dabbed it on a cute little SU flower stamp that I used to make a background.

A close-up of the shimmer!

I also used the dauber kind of like a paint brush and dragged it across my paper to give it some shimmer!

The things you can do with these paints is endless! I just love them!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

All in the Icing...CI Paint Challenge

Another fun Creative Inspirations Paint Challenge! Our challenge this round was "All in the icing"! We were to alter our ribbon, embelishments, ect. with CI paints. I had a great time with this challenge! The possibilities of what you can do with these paints is endless!!

Make sure to check out the CI blog to see all the other wonderful creations!!
This round I made 3 different cards (Frog, Tulip and Congrats)! I was having so much fun I couldn't stop!! :)

For both my "Frog" and "Tulip" card I took plain colored brads and dipped them in the cover of the CI paint of choice. I used CI paint Sunshine and TuTu Pink for these two cards. After I dipped the brad in the cover I gently blew the paint to try and evenly cover the whole surface.
A picture of a brad altered with CI paint Sunshine and a plain one. I just love the shimmer!
"Frog".....Hoppy Birthday
This image is from Faith at Designed 2 Delight called "Charmed". I printed the digital stamp first on white cardstock, then gold and lastly on green. I used CI paint Sunshine to color in the crown and then used gems to give it a little bling. One the frog I used a darker green marker to color in her spots and then used a paint brush to go over the image with CI paint Fairy Dust. I also used Fairy Dust to color in the frogs eyes. For the flowers, I altered them also with Fairy Dust and Sunshine for the brads. The shimmer adds so much to the flowers, rather than them being dull. For the ribbon I used Fairy Dust also, can you tell it is one of my favorites!!

Both the tulip and butterfly image are stamped and I first colored them in using colored pencils. I then used CI paints Fairy Dust, Sage, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Tutu pink to give the images a ton of shimmer!! I used Tutu pink on these brads, just by tipping them into the cover of the paints, like I mentioned earlier. I also used a paint brush to cover the outer edge of the purple paper to give it some shimmer.


On this card I used Fairy Dust to give the ribbon some shimmer. I really liked how it turned out. It did make the ribbon a little more stiff, but I was still able to make a bow. For the sentiment "Congratulations" I first stamped the stamp in black ink and then used a Tsukineko Sponge Dauber dipped in Fairy Dust and dabbed it on the stamp to give the sentiment a little shimmer. In our last package of CI Paints from Molly she also sent use a Fantastix Coloring Tool Brush which I used to color in a few of the hearts in the image.
I hope you enjoy my creations!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New CI Paints

It was like Christmas at my house the other day!! I recieved some new CI Paints!! The shimmer that these paints give your projects is so amazing!! There are over 50 colors to choose from!