Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick Cards

It never fails, every year may dad asks me to make cards for him and it's always like a day before he would like them!!  Well any card maker knows that it takes awhile to make cards, he doesn't understand that!  Next year I should just make some and have them done ahead of time...yeah right!  Wishful thinking!

Thankfully I had a bunch of "Happy Holiday" stamped from lasts years cards I made.  So I quickly colored a few and throw these cards together for him.  These are just a few:

The stamp is from Stampin' Up.

Have a nice day!



Kristi said...

These are so cute!

Love That Bug said...

I love these cards. They are adorable.
Hubby just asked me to him cards as well, and would like them by Friday. So atleast he gave me a lil notice :)
Thanks for sharing