Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Friend

The other day I got out my sponge and CI Paints to create a beautiful background for this card. 

I really like altering my papers with CI Paints! I just love the added shimmer you can give ordinary plain papers. In most cases shimmery and glittery paper are more expensive. But with the endless possiblities of uses of CI Paints you can add your own shimmer to any paper. I know this has been mentioned before, but I like to remind you that. It's so simple to add shimmer to your papers with these paints.  And most importantly it dries fast and doesn't wrinkle your paper!  It looks professional! :) 

The paper was first embossed and then I sponged some "Burgundy"
I really like the added shimmer it gives the paper, as well as the sponged look.  Using a sponge to put the paint on paper is one of my favorite ways to add the shimmer to paper.

The finished card:
This was a card I created in a class I took not to long ago, but I changed a few things.  I added the shimmer along with the ribbon and bow on the front.  There was supposed to be a big button on the front, but I wasn't a huge fan of it.

More close up of the shimmer:

The inside:
I also used a touch of chocolate on the flowers, in which I added using a fine paint brush.

Have a nice day!




Doreen said...

This is just beautiful Kendra,love the colour

Linda w said...

Lovely effect. beautifully elegant carad. Hugs lin