Thursday, November 3, 2011

Messy....but still cute!

Good morning!

I have a quick layout I created for my kids albums.

After it rains out we have to keep a close eye on them otherwise you can find them spalshing in a mud puddle! 

Have a nice day!




Linda w said...

Oh come one, they are always at their cutest when messy lol. Adorable page. Hugs lin

Irit Shalom said...

Kendra hello! I can't find you mail and mails I sent to Creative Inspr. Paint still are without and answer. I made my first tutorial and can post it if you need it even tomorrow, but I don't have an access to the blog. Actually I just got one mail and the paints, nothing more. Please mail me back to
shalomiy(at)netvision (dot) co(dot) with a blog invitaion and dates to post.
Irit Shalom