Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun with the Kids

Good morning!  

I hope you don't mind, but once in awhile I like to change things up, and well today happens to be one of those days! 

Both my kids take after me when it comes to being crafty!!  They love being able to be in my room crafting with me!!  And I just love it!

Recently, my sister bought them a bird feeder and windchime kit! So they were very excited to get it open and make them!!

And......Not only am I in LOVE with my CI Paints, but my kids love them as well!!  

Any time I bring up the word "paint" they instantly ask if they can use my SHIMMERY ones!! :)

My little guy started by painting all of his pieces with some white paint, so the shimmer would stand out even more.

When he was finished painting each paint with a shimmer color he wanted, he took a pencil and dipped in the cover of other paints to add polka dots to the pieces!

All finished:

Look at the shimmer in the sun:

On one side of the roof he decided he wanted stripes instead!

So proud of his bird feeder:

The colors he used were:
Blush, Royal Blue, Rustic Red, Tickled Pink, Mango, Sage, Sky Blue, Mellow Yellow, Plum, Amethyst, Sunshine, Spring Green and Turquoise.


My little girl starting to paint her wind chime:
She decided to use the paints that came with the set, but then used the same technique her brother used.  She used the pencil dipped in the cover of different paints to add polka dots to her flower chime!!

Her finished chime:

The shimmery polka dots:
She used: Lavender, Plum, Royal Blue and Sunshine.

How fun!

I hope you've enjoyed my post for today!



Anonymous said...

I loved your post Kendra! How sweet is that! Gorgeous projects from your beautiful little ones! Hugs, J

jessica said...

I LOVE these Kendra!! Your kiddo's did a gorgeous job!!!!

Marji said...

What sweet little crafters, I love their projects

Shelly Schmidt said...

Darling projects- the polka dots are so fun! Love to see how big the kids are getting : )