Thursday, December 13, 2012

Visit with Santa

The kids were bugging me when they were going to be able to go visit Santa, so this past week my mom and I decided to take them to the mall to visit!

I was completely shocked!

They both walked up to Santa and sat on his lap!!

The last few years, I have had to sit on Santa's lap with them to get a pic because they were so scared of him!

Best part....they were actually smiling as well!! And they actually talked to him!
WOW!  I was one proud mumzy!! (That's what they call me!)

Just a fun layout I created for their albums!

Have a nice day!


Laura Love said...

This is such a cute lay out! It is always fun the first time that the kids are not scared of Santa :)

Mary Ann said...

Love your layout,very pretty,your little ones are very cute.. start ablog,