Monday, August 22, 2011

Birdhouse Fun

My little guy LOVES being outside helping me in my flower beds and feeding the birds!  For part of his birthday gift, his great-grandparents gave him a birdhouse.  He was so excited!  My aunt mentioned that he should paint it!

Well you don't tell a 3year old that as they don't forget much, which is okay!  So he has been on my case to paint it! So I got out a bunch of paints and just let him go to town!

He had so much fun!  He kept telling me, "This is going to be so pretty!  The birds are going to love it!  They're going to have lots of babies in it!" lol Too cute!

He decided to leave it dry and asked me, "Mommy, it would look really pretty with your special paints!" Referring to my Creative Inspirations Paints!  He always enjoys watching me craft.  And went on to say, "I'll be careful and just use a little."  How could I say no?!?!

So I decided to let him use a few of them to add his own shimmer to the birdhouse, so he was happy!
 Just look at the shimmer!!!  I let him use Fairy Dust, Buttercup, Rose Quartz, Royal Purple, Turquoise and Mango.

Finished Birhouse:

All proud of his creation!

Hanging up in the tree!
You can see right were he used the CI Paints here on the front side!  His birdhouse is very shimmery!!

Have a nice day!

Kendra & Sawyer


Michelle said...

AWESOME job Sawyer!!! Can't wait to see it in person : ) Your such a great mom!! Or should I say 'mumzee'

Bonnie Brown said...

How cute and Sawyer looks proud of his birdhouse!

Swimmom said...

So cute! Sawyer did a great job on his birdhouse! All the birds will choose HIS unique house, I'm sure!