Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick Layouts

Wow, can you believe it is December already?

Although I am done working for the season, it has been so crazy around our house!

The kids and I were sick for awhile with the flu and then just getting ready for the holidays!

I've actually gotten a little behind on their scrapbooks!

Hopefully after the holidays I can quickly create a bunch!

Here's two I created the other day:
A trip to the local amusement park this summer!!

 And another of my two little peanuts snuggling together.
Actually kind of a cute story...we put the kids to bed one night and I went downstairs to do some crafting while my husband watched some tv.  I went back upstairs and did my nightly check on them to only find my daughter's bed empty!!  Couldn't find her!  Went to check on the little guy and she was cuddled up in bed with him!! :)  So I obviously had to capture the moment and scrap it!! :)

Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

CUTE! Such cutie pies! Great scrap LO's Kendra! xoxo