Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Fun; Ava's Album

I got Ava's "Summer Fun" page done for her album the other day, but had a hard time getting on the PC to get it posted. Been too busy with work. We had a big Japanese party we needed to prepare the Aurora Hospital Healing Garden for, so I've been working like crazy this week to get it looking 110% and of course it had to rain a lot this week, so I worked longer days and had to work in the rain a little to get everything just perfect! But it ended up being a beautiful evening and the rain held off...I was so happy it even was sunny for a little while!! I got to go buy a cute little black dress for the evening, so it was a nice night! On top of preparing for the night, the little princess has been teething!'s been horrible! She's nothing but crabby and fussy! She's been running a 100 temp, I feel so bad for her! Sawyer was the exact opposite! We never knew he was getting a tooth until it popped through! It seems as though today she's feeling a little better!

Anyway here is her lo:
Just a close up of the title and bling!

Have a great Saturday!


Lisa Somerville said...

Wonderful LO's and such cute pictures!

Michelle said...

CUTE as always Kendra : ) Love those lil munchkins.

cbuswell said...

very sweet, love the colors!

FroggieStamps said...

Aww, they are so cute!!