Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ava Letters

I picked up these paper mache letters from Joann Fabrics.  I wanted to do something different in Ava's room then what I did in Sawyer's room.  I just had bought some white wooden letters for his room as I didn't want something too girly for him.  Well if now having a little girl, they story is different!!

I used scraps of different paper to cover each of the letters. 

A = Pinks
V= Oranges
A= Purples

I really enjoyed making these and really like how they turned out.  I liked them without anything on them, but thought it would be fun to add some bling, shimmer, ribbon and  some flowers.

I used CI Paints to add shimmer to some of the pieces of paper.  (Unfortunately I don't believe this close-up shot really dose justice! Sorry!)

I used Tutu Pink, Fuchsia and Blush to add shimmer to the paper flowers which were white.
I then added some folded ribbon behind the flowers and bling to the centers!! Aren't they beautiful?
Have a wonderful day!