Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Tree Fun with IBS

Good Morning Stamping Friends!!

I am on the Inspired By Stamping Blog today, featuring a fun alteration of a stamp I like from them!!

There is a fun "swash" in the Friends Forever stamp set, that I thought would be cool to use to create a Christmas tree!!

So first, here is my finished card:
Isn't the tree fun?

Here's how I did it....
I started by collecting my supplies:
 Inks (Brown, Gold/Yellow, Green, Red)

You'll especially need the Friends Forever stamp set, as I mentioned above!!   The possibilities are endless with this accent "swash" piece!  I seen a Christmas tree with it!!
 Above is a picture of just the "swash" inked up!

I know you may be thinking I'm crazy, but keep scrolling!!

I start by inking just one end slightly, as seen below, with brown ink.  Which will become our tree trunk.

As seen below.... 
 Super fun, don't you think?  And we've just begun!!

So when beginning with the tree, I don't ink up the entire stamp.  When I begin with the bottom, I do half, as seen pictured below...

Above is for the left obviously, and then below is for the right...
As you get closer to the top of the tree, you will be inking a lot less of each side.

Here is the first layer stamped:
I took this picture quickly, so you can still slightly see where the stamped "swashes" over lapped.

 You can see the tree really starting to form at this point!  So exciting!!
Now on the 3rd layer I was able to stamp the entire image.
But now as you go further up you will need to ink even less on each side.
Keep stamping until you are happy with the top.
Here's a look at my finished top:
Now it is time to embellish and finish!!!
Again here is my finished card:
Isn't it beautiful?!  I really like how it turned out!

The sentiment is part of the Holiday Tags stamp set and the cute star at the top is part of the Build A Stocking stamp set!!
I hope I've inspired you to look at your stamps differently!!


Be sure to check out the Inspired By Stamping Blog for more wonderful inspiration!!

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So many beautiful sets to choose from!!

Have a lovely day!
Happy Stamping!


Inspired by Stamping Build A Stocking Stamp Set



Shari said...

This is so awesome!! I love how you were able to create a tree with one little swash stamp. So creative, and a good way to get more out of your stamps. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. Wonderfully inspiring. ♥

Scrapper69 said...

Great tutorial! LOVE your card... never would of thought to use the swash for the tree.. LOVE it!

Theresa’s Crafty Creations

Nazeema Calypso Thompson said...

This is pretty awesome girl!!! Great use of the stamps and I LOVE the card.